BOSIBC new Explosive in EOSIO Chains

Published by cryptomaneos 14 Jun 2020

BOSIBC new Explosive in EOSIO Chains

BOSIBC is providing Interblockchain communication, It is the future for EOSIO chains.

The people who are using EOS mainnet since inception of network know all the issues and good things about EOS, Everyone who is holding EOS tokens know there is a value in EOS network.

After CPU congestion started and REX cpu became expensive, everyone on EOS network looking for alternate solutions for better performance and cheaper resources to avoid CPU issues on mainnet and make their Dapps smother and always available to users without loosing any value and scale to millions of users.

One strong solution for this is IBC(Inter Blockchain Communication), with IBC, tokens can move from chain A to chain B. it is not just movement of tokens from 1 chain to another it is moving the value from Chain A to Chain B.

when Resources of Chain A become expensive, we can utilize the resources of Chain B by moving Dapp or tokens from chain A to Chain B. Example: if a transaction on EOS mainnet is expensive, but to handle the demand for Dapp "X" developers of Dapp search for to decrease the Transaction cost, Dapps with high volume of demand usually move from costly resource network to cheap resource network. but when a dapp moves from EOS mainnet to another EOSIO chain, usually it will loose the value of token because of many factors involved in it.

But with BOS IBC, user can move away from EOS mainnet and also move back to EOS mainnet at the same time. This way of moving value from Chain A to Chain B will not effect the value of the token but it brings the opportunities as well as more and more users to their network.

BOSIBC is mainly focused in value movement with in EOSIO chains. in this way EOS can act as Mother ship for value and children of EOSIO value chains.

From months Liquid Dapp trying to implement with another strategy, But BOSIBC came up with new way and already helping dapps with BOSIBC.

Dapps like BOID, KARMA and many tokens looking for opportunities to expand their network on many chains without destroying the value of their token and to increase the user base, lets embrace the Tech and innovate new Dapps on EOSIO chains. This is the time for EOSIO chains. This is the same concept Telegram want to implement in his blockchain, but never achieved it.

BOSIBC is the first IBC service provider and it will accelerate the value and technology around EOSIO chains. Join Hands with BOSIBC and embrace the EOSIO network.

you can use the above guide for transferring of tokens from EOS mainnet to any network and vis var sa . as of now you can transfer value from and to, to Telos, WAX, Yas networks. you can check with BOSIBC telegram for further info.

Note: I have no relation with BOS team, I am just sharing information which will be helpful to the community.

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