Discussions 2.5 - A Better Home

Published by bigbluewhale 26 Feb 2020

Discussions 2.5 - A Better Home

 When we began work on Discussions 2, Discussions was just an experiment, it had many site-breaking issues and the UX was overly complex thanks to the native EOS account system. 

 Though successful, this left many with an unpleasant first experience and many did not return. To solved this, we hired two very talented individuals, Sahil, a UX designer, and Gux, a talented front-end developer. They along with the rest of the Novusphere team reworked the front and back-end of Discussions. 

 Six months later, we have now released Discussions 2, a complete overhaul of Discussions that will give us a solid foundation to build what we've always wanted it to be - A home for token communities.

 Going forward, we will be working closely with partners to build up their community on Discussions. Covering the cost of user actions and working to integrate UID in their projects. This, as well as continuing to offer tools that both onboard new users as well as keeping existing users engaged.

 With Discussions 2.5, we look to refine the software (features and reliability) and process (documents and procedures) that will make Discussions a better home for token communities.



  • Sort by: date/time/popularity/controversial

  • Pinned reply 

  • Trending tags

  • Recommended tags in home

  • Recommended users in feed


  • Customization 

  • Social Handles (Twitter, Telegram, Website), and Github, NewDex

  • Show current moderator

  • Mobile UI / UX

  • Tip button

New Functions

  • Desktop notifications 

  • Ambassador program (In collaboration with #BBT)

  • Pay with Tokens for EOS Account Creation


  • Airdrop: Remove invaild account and continue airdrop


  • Educational resources

  • Staking

  • UID

  • Exchange token for EOS account

Check out Discussions today and let us know what you think.

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