To the Moon: the first city-building game on EOS!

Published by autumnhotel5 26 Jun 2019

To the Moon: the first city-building game on EOS!

The first SimCity-like play-to-earn EOS game is now available on the mainnet!

When you start playing, you are given a city canvas or a 'bento box'. You have to farm and mine resources in order to add new buildings. The goal is to increase the population and get to the next level. And we are not talking here about simply adding more and more residential blocks. You have to provide and continuously improve institutions like police or healthcare. New levels provide access to new buildings and resources.

'Lucky draw' is a great source of new buildings. If you are lucky, you can get rare world-known landmarks like Mount Rushmore and Burj Khalifa. You can either add them to your city landscape or trade them for EOS on the Market.

The most desirable asset you can obtain in the game is the Rocket. Developers deposit 10% of the game cash income into the Rocket fund. You can get half of that ever-growing fund in EOS once you build and launch the Rocket. There is one lucky fellow who has already launched his Rocket to the moon and was rewarded with EOS immediately.

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However, even if you are the fortunate one to get the Rocket, launching it immediately is just an option. Nothing stops you to try trading it on the Market. Or... you can just wait and watch the Rocket fund (and your reward) grow. Just be ready to face some other lucky player who can get the Rocket and launch it before you do.

Supported EOS wallets are MEET.ONE, TokenPocket, and NOVA. At the moment, To the Moon is only available on Android. Get the latest version here

The iOS version is coming.

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