Get Paid for Your Vote! Value Proxy

Published by alohaeosprod 27 Sep

Get Paid for Your Vote! Value Proxy

Aloha, friends!

  • Want to be rewarded for your staked EOS and vote for quality BPs?

  • Are you voting for a mining pool? Bring your vote back and help grow the EOS ecosystem.

  • Transparent opt-in system with focus on BP quality and no backroom deals.

Interested? Read on.

As many of you are aware, block producers sharing a portion of their rewards with voters has been slowly gaining traction. This has been a highly contentious topic with a steady flow of debates taking place daily on Telegram and social media. Aloha EOS has generally been against the idea of voter kickbacks, but the token holders are speaking loudly, we are listening, and we realize it’s necessary at this point to sustain as a block producer on EOS. We asked ourselves, could we combine a method of rewarding token holders while adhering to the performance and reliability standards we strive for? With that in mind we have partnered with Blockstart and EOSphere to build the Value Proxy.

The Value Proxy aims to bring value to voters with rewards and by supporting quality block producers that not only run effective infrastructure but also help contribute to the development and growth of the EOS ecosystem.

Unlike other reward programs the Value Proxy aims to directly vote for quality block producers who have opted in transparently and agreed to share their rewards, rather than trading votes in order to boost the proxy owners up the DPoS ladder.

Voter Rewards

Rewards will be paid out daily to the accounts voting for the proxy. This will be accomplished by requiring the participating block producers to pay part of their daily rewards to the proxy, and the proxy will distribute it to the voters. Unlike mining pools, 100% of the funds paid by block producers will be distributed, keeping zero management fees for the proxy.

Both the block producer payments and the reward distributions will be visible on chain. This provides a level of transparency and auditability that we have not seen with other reward pools.

Block Producer Standards

Below are the standards we set for participating block producers. Producers that do not meet the standards may be unvoted and their undistributed funds returned.

Objective Requirements

  • Functioning public API and P2P endpoints, per the BP “regproducer” contract.

  • EOS Mechanics benchmarks of 2ms or less demonstrated on any EOSIO chain (including testnets).

We may add additional requirements in the future, such as a maximum number of rounds that can be missed per month.

Subjective Review

Beyond the objective requirements, our Proxy Managers will review block producer contributions to the EOS ecosystem on an ongoing basis and use their knowledge and research of contributions to gauge which block producers they feel are providing the most value.

More Info

In closing, we think we have found a good transparent system of voter rewards while supporting quality value-adding block producers. We hope you agree and consider voting for Voter Proxy!

For more information please join the open discussion in our Telegram group. We are especially looking for BP commitments right now, and plan to begin rewards on or around October 3rd, 2019.


Aloha EOS