San Diego Residents each receive 1 free SAND token. Already existing San Diego relate
San Diego Residents can now get 1 SAND token and all you need is an existing twitter account with an association to San Diego, California...
Ackza zackzackzack 21 Oct | Blockchain
That GD Book: The Story of David Marguiles
"I am always at a loss to know how much to believe of my own stories." - Washington Irving
Doghouse's Book doghousebook 22 Oct | Top post - Writing
Footbattle - Become a football manager on the blockchain
Footbattle is an open economy football game, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain giydcnrygige 21 Oct | Gaming
How to Detect and Bypass a SCAMMER in Telegram
Tale of experiencing some Scammers, a Generous Guy and contains some basic tricks to bypass yourself from being scammed in Telegram.
Rishi ge4dkmrtgege 20 Oct | Blockchain
Spinach is a decentralized lottery product based on distributed ledger technology.
Spinach aims to develop a real casino gambling platform, providing the exact make money experience! It provides the most popular Lucky Sl...
spinachstake 17 Oct | Art
My Story in pixEOS
Every so often, something that gives an unexpected turn appears in a person's life, that which whispers in your ear and tells you: the ti...
Yoditar yoditaricxc3 16 Oct | Blockchain
Defi on EOS
This is an article about decentralised finance (defi) on the EOSIO platform
Fred Blauer gu3tambqg4ge 16 Oct | .efi
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 16 Oct | Blockchain
No One is the Sheriff of EOS
Let's look at a tweetstorm, shall we?
stellabelle magicunicorn 16 Oct | Blockchain
Mercedes-Benz BMW new game launch get money here and make it double
Mercedes- Benz BMW is an arcade game. The game interface is composed of 32 circles, each circle has a different car logo. Players use the...
luckkingsta2 16 Oct | Gaming
6 Crypto Experts on What Would Encourage People to Use Bitcoin
Adoption is one of the major points of discussion in the Cryptoverse: how much do we need bigger adoption, from whom, how to obtain it, a...
CryptoNews eoseoscrypto 15 Oct | Decentium
Summary of New EOS Governance Proposals
This Monday, we have seen two new governance proposals released by Dan Larimer and EOS New York. This post provides a summary of each pro...
Syed Jafri syedalijafri 15 Oct | Blockchain
Dogecoin: looking for Shiba Inu
Dogecoin is one of those cryptocurrencies that causes curiosity about the internet meme on which it is based (DOGE) and that represents i...
Yoditar yoditaricxc3 12 Oct | Decentium
A comparison of vote rewarding proxies on EOSIO
This article has been taken down due to a vote-reward scandal.
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 8 Oct | Blockchain
Tested and Curated Sources of Income/revenue for Defi Services (Sept 2019)
Tested and cuated sources of income/revenue for Defi Service (Sept 2019)
Fred Blauer gu3tambqg4ge 4 Oct | .efi
This ia a blog about the intersection between crypto currency and finance. I have been testing and evaluating various defi (decentralised...
Fred Blauer gu3tambqg4ge 4 Oct | .efi
Modern Demographics
One of the first things we should know when selling something is the target market. But when I talk about selling something, I don't just...
Juan Bohórquez juanboho2423 4 Oct | Productivity
How To Airgrab Your 5000 SOV Tokens
Learn how to airgrab your free SOV tokens using Scatter and
stellabelle magicunicorn 3 Oct | Blockchain
Hello World blabla bla bla bla
scientology1 3 Oct | Life
Transledger to launch the first P2P decentralized exchange & digital Canadian Dollar
Transledger is first to create a peer to peer decentralized exchange and to put the Canadian Dollar on chain. Soon, also FOREX trading
Aneta Karbowiak eosnetworkxx 30 Sep | Blockchain