Accepting the impact one has on the lives of those they touch is a powerful tool in creating connection and community.
EOS DNS: Use Your EOS Account Name as a Decentralized Domain Name
If you guys have an EOS account, you can use it as a decentralized domain on the EOS blockchain. Yes, every single account on the EOS mai...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 2 Jul | Tech
Bitcoin at New Local Lows! Where to Now?
The weekly chart closed yesterday with a nasty reversal candle. Today, as expected, we’re seeing follow through.
Workin rjetunited12 1 Jul | Art
Pixeos GameCenter 2.0 Update
2.0 comes with Multiplayer Functionality that lets you join Factions. Wager an Opponent. Earn Game Points. Play Pixeos. Earn Pixeos. On EOS
The All Father theallfather 30 Jun | Art
Prospectors (PGL) Tokenomics and Governance
Tokenomics is a field that has evolved over the past couple of years, and though it’s a part of economics itself, it deals with the issui...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 28 Jun | Gaming
Making a pencil sketch of beautiful girl.
Dear brothers and sisters of Steemit good evening/morning Julia here with my latest pencil sketching of a beautiful girl and here below I...
Julia Williams ilovemyindia 27 Jun | Art
Newdex Staking Pool has launched. What is it, how does it work and is it vote buying?
Today, we’re going to be talking about newdex’s staking pool called Newpos which just recently launched. So what exactly is it? It is a...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 26 Jun | Blockchain
How to get started with Prospectors with NO INVESTMENT
There's a new digital gold in the hills...virtual gold. The PGL is the token that is going to be used in the blockchain based game calle...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 26 Jun | Gaming Launch on #EOS MainNet has begun Launch on #Eos MainNet has launched
Ernest of Gaia lotusdogpham 26 Jun | Gaming
To the Moon: the first city-building game on EOS!
The first SimCity-like play-to-earn EOS game is now available on the mainnet!
To the Moon autumnhotel5 26 Jun | Gaming & Holistic Design
Hopefully, not to harsh a critique of a game that launches soon, that I look forward to very much actually. Here is why and my hopes for the
Ernest of Gaia lotusdogpham 23 Jun | Gaming
What is Decentium?
What Decentium is, why you should be excited about it and answers to common questions.
Decentium Crew decentiumcrw 20 Jun | Decentium
The following will posit that there is value in Studying how to apply Permaculture Design Science to the Study and Application of Blockch...
Ernest of Gaia lotusdogpham 20 Jun | Decentium
Klawing Jasper EOS
Sample #1, EOS Klawing Jasper gemstone from Central Java, Indonesia
EOS Gemstones gemstoneseos 20 Jun | Art
A short story about two fish named Jerry and Phil.
mattmattmatt 21 Jun | Fiction
Is Bitcoin Preparing to Breakout?
Bitcoin seems to have confirmed a bullish ascending triangle pattern. That does suggest a break up, targeting approximately $9,750. This...
Workin rjetunited12 20 Jun | Blockchain
pixEOS: Mega Update
Big updates: Burn, Staking, Utility and Products
pixEOS pixeossocial 19 Jun | Art
how to get $MORTYS tokens
A noob guide to getting your first $MORTYS tokens.
stellabelle magicunicorn 19 Jun | Gaming
The Importance of Decentralized Debate
As many others, my gut reaction to the announcement of Voice was disappointment. However, deep down, beneath my pretty thick layer of nai..
EOSmastering eosmaster1ng 17 Jun | Blockchain
The Missing Piece to the EOS Incentive Model: Part 2
As a result of this proposal being implemented, we expect strong incentives to organically encourage more token-holders to vote once a week
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 17 Jun | Blockchain