pixEOS: Mega Update
Big updates: Burn, Staking, Utility and Products
pixEOS pixeossocial 5 hours ago | Top post - Art
how to get $MORTYS tokens
A noob guide to getting your first $MORTYS tokens.
stellabelle magicunicorn 8 hours ago | Top post - Gaming
The Importance of Decentralized Debate
As many others, my gut reaction to the announcement of Voice was disappointment. However, deep down, beneath my pretty thick layer of nai..
EOSmastering eosmaster1ng 17 Jun | Top post - Blockchain
The Missing Piece to the EOS Incentive Model: Part 2
As a result of this proposal being implemented, we expect strong incentives to organically encourage more token-holders to vote once a week
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 17 Jun | Blockchain
Hey! I'm always excited to try and test new content creation platforms on the blockchain and today I had the opportunity of stumble upon...
Flocculent jungleonion1 18 Jun | Top post - Decentium
Facebook finally published their whitepaper for their cryptocurrency 'Libra' together with who they work with to bring their asset to a g...
Julian Dreier gy4tmnzsgene 18 Jun | Decentium
Elliott Wave and Me
This post explains how I use the Elliott Wave theory to evaluate markets. This serves as a reference post for all future posts on Decentium.
RyanWilday orindacrypto 18 Jun | Decentium
The Power of Boxers
This is the backstory of Brock Pierce wearing boxers at the Everything EOS Party in Washington, D.C.
pixEOS pixeossocial 16 Jun | Art
Subjective-Value Theory - Bitcoin and Friends | Episode 2
gy4dembzhege 17 Jun | Blockchain
Bitcoin Hitting New 2019 Highs!
Bitcoin bulls have continued to impress, hitting another new 2019 high today of $9,430. Daily volume is steady.
Workin rjetunited12 17 Jun | Art
My Kung Fu 1st Degree Black Belt Test 2 Minutes of Highlights
2 minutes of highlights from my Shaolin Kung Fu Black Belt test.
scottermonky scottermonky 17 Jun | Decentium
Dan Larimer's 200% Decentralized Social Media Network
The latest thing to add to the list of things that Dan Larimer is working on is a “200% decentralised social media” network that is not h...
cryptotim.x 16 Jun | Blockchain
Everyone Deserves a Real Voice.
During the last US presidential election cycle both sides claimed election fraud which deepened the fissure that is our political discour...
Perry Shenas grahappaaaaa 17 Jun | Blockchain
Direct Democracy, Direct Economy
Imagine a diverse, borderless nation that includes a Universal Basic Income for all of its citizens. UBI that is not treated as a “hand-o...
J. Kelsey jeromekelsey 15 Jun | Blockchain
A beautiful landscape painting by watercolour.
Dear brothers and sisters of #decentium community good evening this is Julia from India. Friends it's my landscape art based on watercolo...
Julia Williams ilovemyindia 15 Jun | Art
The Myth Of Metametheus
In the times before humanity, there was a Great War that ravaged the world. Called the Titanomachy, the struggle was between the Titans,...
Petah Raven metametheus1 16 Jun | Top post - Mythology
Recent discoveries around the many benefits of micro-dosing of LSD and psilocybin have led to offshoot research in related fields of study.
Scotter gy4tqmrygene 15 Jun | Decentium
Freedom of speech and the blockchain as a solution
Freedom of speech is in danger. Internet crackdown, social media moderation, suppression of free press, journalists killing and harassmen...
Aneta eosnetworkxx 13 Jun | Blockchain
Introducing Upland: The Virtual Property Game Built On The EOS Blockchain
We are excited to announce the launch of Upland, a brand new gaming experience that’s revolutionizing what you can do with digital property.
upland.game 13 Jun | Gaming