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my nickname: Liketerryfox
Terry Fox liketerryfox 16 Sep | Top post - Life
EOS friendly Youtubers !
here I’ll try to share with you two of your favorite youtube channels about blockchain and EOS in particular.
Terry Fox liketerryfox 16 Sep | Top post - Blockchain
Dapps Radar! EOS dapps here
https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/eos here you can find many applications on EOS, filter them by Games, Exchanges, Gambling and muc...
Terry Fox liketerryfox 16 Sep | Blockchain
Game link HERE Beginner guide HERE you can mine ore by receiving EOS absolutely free of charge, as well as craft a sword, then they will...
Terry Fox liketerryfox 16 Sep | Top post - Gaming
Sense.Chat: the messenger of the new era
In the era of communications and information, we are full of applications (App) to be in contact with others. This, of course, is somethi...
Yoditar yoditaricxc3 10 Sep | Blockchain
A new blog dedicated to those who are ready to even the playing field, if only just a bit. I have been watching crypto since it's infa...
Dizzzzzy1 gm2dsnrygege 9 Sep | Top post - Decentium
Earn LYNX Tokens By Playing A Free Game
Find out how to earn some LYNX tokens by playing Alien Invasion, a free Lynx game.
stellabelle magicunicorn 8 Sep | Gaming
Some notes for starter crypto miners
Mining is not an easy task, and often it's hard to find concise informations. I write this notes for me as a starter and for everyone else!
HyperTesto 4a3bjk4pru31 5 Sep | Blockchain
PIXEOS token maximum supply reduction.
PIXEOS Token Maximum Supply Reduction Working against the clock in the development front, facing the challenges of the implementation of...
pixEOS pixeossocial 4 Sep | Gaming
Driving Adoption: a look at the internet, the web, and now crypto.
This post attempts to put thought behind the question of “how to drive adoption”, with a primary focused on EOS (and EOSIO), but could a...
Aaron Cox jesta.x 2 Sep | Top post - Art
Smart contracts for beginners
In the universe of the blockchain there are multiple technological advances that will be impacting our daily life earlier than we think....
Yoditar yoditaricxc3 2 Sep | Blockchain
Regulations and their impact on blockchain and the crypto industry at large
The outbreak of the financial crisis during 2007-2008 brought forth a set of important questions with regard to the future of the economi...
Decius H deciuswriter 26 Aug | Blockchain
What Can You Do with PIXEOS Tokens Now
What you can do with PIXEOS Tokens Now: https://pixeos.io/
pixEOS pixeossocial 26 Aug | Gaming
A Brief on How Block One's Digital Identity Solution Would Work
Everyone on planet earth has a right to identity, according to the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. At a base level, identity...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 26 Aug | Blockchain
Buy Merch with Crypto at My pixEOS Shop
My pixEOS Wearable Art Shop Now Accepts Payment in Crypto!
pixEOS pixeossocial 22 Aug | Art
EOSIO-lock, a free open source service provides temporary immutability to eos smart c
EOSIO-lock.net One of the features of the blockchains based on the EOSIO framework is that the smart contract’s code can be easily update...
contractlock 19 Aug | Blockchain
Mark Twain, the phenomenon
I arrived with the comet Halley in 1835 and next year the comet again passes near Earth so hopefully I will go next to him; I look forwar...
Dresden EOS guztqmbrgege 20 Aug | Decentium
Blockchain for beginners
Blockchain is the most revolutionary technology of these first decades of the 21st century, in the same way as it was the invention of th...
Yoditar yoditaricxc3 20 Aug | Blockchain
First of all let me say that I'm more than happy to write this small text on a decentralized publishing platform. I am... correction, we...
J. Murillo murillojorge 19 Aug | Life
November 13th, a bloody date
The other day while reading a summary of news, including that of the terrible attack perpetrated in Barcelona by that gang of intransigen...
Dresden EOS guztqmbrgege 18 Aug | Decentium